4 Chess Board Options For Chess Enthusiasts

Previously inclined to Geeks, the game of Chess has gained popularity to the point of it being a fully-fledged sporting activity in most counties. Its lackof spectators has not pushed back people from gaining interest as more students are taking time to learning about the sport. As elaborated on http://www.chess-sets.info/wooden-chess-sets/, a lot of Chessboard enthusiasts are pushing the gaming limits by coming up with more chess board types, variations and ways of enhancing the chess playing experience.  Some of them include:


  • Wu Chess: Is a social networking site that combines chess with hip-hop. It was created by Chesspark from the Wu- Tang Clan. Under the website, players can play against each other including forming chess clans and sharing common interest. Chess boxing and Roller Coaster chess are additional games on the site that might interest you once you visit the site.
  • Alice Chess Set:Is inspired from the story of Alice through the looking Glass. The Yasmin Sethi chessboard is made out of glass embedded led with the chess pieces coated with Mirona – a material that turns transparent under the glare of sunlight. During play, the chess board lights up once the game is complete.
  • Drinking Chess:in this game, a chess player is allowed to take a drink from a successive capture or force his opponent to take a sip when he is losing a man.
  • Norma Jean Almodovar Chess Set: contains chess pieces designed to resemble people. Its make was inspired by the OJ Simpson trial. The only challenge of playing with this chess set is you will have to know the person each chess piece represents in the OJ Simpson Trial.



Playing chess can be exciting once you understand the rules and select the right chessboard. At http://www.chess-sets.info/wooden-chess-sets/ you can find all the basic information you need concerning chessboards.

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