A Licensed Money Lender, Singapore

In reality, no matter how good our job and pay are, there will always be a time when we don’t have money; emergency expenses, delayed pay, sudden investments and such. During these times, we recommend that you apply for a short loan, friends and family members might not have enough extra money and we’re not all that comfortable with asking them for the favour. Licensed money lender singapore like Credit Matter Pte Ltd offer flexible loans, low interest rates and short processing times so you might want to go and check them out. 1

Credit Matters Pte Ltd.

Based in Singapore, Credit Matters Pte Ltd is a fully licensed and professional money lending company. In case you want to be extra sure, you can find the company under the approved Registry of Moneylenders (IPTO); fully qualified and capable of providing personal loans. The people they cater to are the residents of Singapore, PR and even foreigners who can present a valid employment pass under Singapore.money-lender

Of course they don’t restrict their services to only personal loans, they have other programs that will surely provide a quick and easy solution to all their potential lenders; complete application can be reviewed and approved within a few hours from submission. Credit Matters is not only famous for offering quick loans and fast processes, but they offer some of the lowest interest rates in the market. The following are some of the loans that they offer:

  • Personal loan – loans to help meet unplanned expenses.
  • Business loan – a wide range of credit facility options for almost any business out there.
  • Foreigner loan – it can be financially difficult to live in a foreign country, they can help lessen the difficulty.
  • Payday loan – a short term loan that adjust to your schedule.

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