A More Responsive Web Design Approach

You want to know what website design tips work. Well, for starters, you need to fully commit to responsive design. Previously, it simply meant working on the responsive design on the to-do-list. However, with changing times and most importantly changing technologies, there is more to it than just fluid layouts. The following should help you get the flow of how website design Swansea companies do it. webdesign

  • Create Space

You don’t want too much clutter in your site. This can distract readers and get them running away from your site faster than you can blink. Sidebars are not any helpful in this day and age. You are better off giving a reader what he considers most important than trying to include many elements on your page. A reader wants to be engaged and nothing does that better than giving him information he needs.web-design-process

  • Use Large Font

Whenever you get to a site and you have to squint in order to read what is on the page, you probably won’t spend more than two minutes on the page. As a web designer, try to think of yourself as the reader. If this doesn’t work, look for sites with larger font sizes and compare with the  ones with small fonts. Notice any difference? Now, have your site with larger fonts.

  • Ensure Readability

As much as you want to include all the details in your website, you also don’t want to scare your potential clients away. If you are using videos as your mode of communication with your audience, be clear and precise. However, if print is your preferred mode, make sure that your website is as readable as possible even on small mobile devices.

  • Use Style Guides

These are the new trend that most website design Swansea companies use. They help in maintaining a uniform style for every website. However, as a web designer, you are at liberty to create your own style guides.

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