All About Moviestarplanet Hacks

Moviestarplanet or MSP hacks are the cheats that lets a player get high bumber of diamonds, star coins and VIP in his account free of cost. The use of these hacks has intensified in the recent times ever since the game has attained popularity amidst the masses. The best part of using the hack are that you wouldn’t have to download the hacks and rather you can use it online. Here are some simple steps of doing so:


  1. Enter the MSP username, choose the console you are using and enable the AES-256. Now you will have to wait for the “Connect” button to reload, and wait for the entire process to finish.
  2. Now select the amount and number of starcoins, diamonds and VIPs to be attached to your account and click the hack button. Now wait for the hack process to finish.
  3. After this process finishes and you have rightfully verified yourself as a human you would see the increased number of resources in your account.
  4. Check your account for the increased number of resources and coins and click.

In the MSP game everyone wants to play by using his or her own characters, movies etc and customize as per their own needs but that is only possible when a player has huge amount of resources in the account. Sans it would be very difficult to achieve so. Also the hack is very easy to use with some simple steps and anyone can use it online without downloading it. Here are some of the features of the MSP hack:


  • While using the codes a player is getting starcoins up to 999,999 each day.
  • Same goes with the diamonds also which is 999,999 each day.
  • In the VIP package there is an availability of 1 month, 6 month and 12 months.
  • By usage of proxy server the use of hack by any server is undetectable and so using the cheat codes is absolutely safe.
  • The automatic updates are applied to the hack section and new features are constantly added in it.

So these are some of the features of the hack tool and it is very important that these codes are functional in the game play. For further information regarding this a player can very look into other details too. These hacks are safe and convenient to use.

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