Facetime: Keeping Up With Real Time

With ever-evolving technology, we need our loved ones closer than ever. Now, phone-calls and text messages aren’t enough. Video calling is the new trend. FaceTime is one such video telephony product developed by digital world’s numero uno, Apple Inc to place audio and video calls with just the phone number or Apple IDs.

It is supported by any iOS device with a forward-facing camera and any Macintosh computer equipped with a FaceTime Camera, formerly known as an iSight Camera. FaceTime for android users aren’t available, although there are alternatives such as Skype, Viber and Snapchat among others. FaceTime specializes in one to one video chatting and while FaceTiming with someone, if you receive messages, emails, or other notifications and you need to check them out FaceTime chat will be paused for the time being..


Video calling sure can eat through a lot of your data if you aren’t keeping a track of it. Apple doesn’t currently specify whether or not a call was placed over cellular or WiFi. A WiFi connection does not use data plan and no cellular calling minutes are used during the video portion of a FaceTime call. Using FaceTime over a cellular data connection can use up on a lot of the data plan. About five minutes of FaceTime video calling uses upto 15 MB of data. Thus, knowing where and how to keep track of data usage surely helps to optimize usage of this feature and not get over billed for it, especially for wireless subscribers.

There are three ways to track data usage for individual calls: FaceTime app, Phone app and Settings app.

  1. The FaceTime app needs you to launch it and tap on Recents. Then go to the Info button to the right of the FaceTime audio or video call you would like to see data usage for.
  2. For the Phone app, launch the FaceTime app. Tap on either audio or video at the top to sort calls and then on the Info button next to the call you’d like to see cellular usage for.
  3. In the Settings app, tap on Cellular and scroll down till FaceTime on the list to see the data usage list below it.


FaceTime is available for free and works best under high speed internet connection i.e. WiFi, 3G or 4G. It approximately uses three megabytes per minute. Thus, an hour-long call would use up around 180 MB of data. However, these numbers may vary depending upon the version of iOS device used. FaceTime required a WiFi connection to work until the release of iOS 6. From thence, FaceTime for the iPhone and iPad supports FaceTime calls over cellular networks but only if the carrier enables it. The application is blocked from working for customers with unlimited data plans. An unlimited WiFi connection or a high speed usage-based data plan is ideal for the usage of the application on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

The Age Of Digital Media Sharing And Showbox

Entertainment industry has come a long way. Not just in the sense of production techniques but also in distribution techniques. Of course, premiering is one way to telecast entertainment content. But with the accent of storage media, content can now also be shared in storage media devices. From video cassettes to CDs and DVDs, storage media have changed a lot. And finally we can share media digitally. Of course this is a common practice today, but it wasn’t so a decade ago. Sharing digitally means you can directly upload and download media from and to your device. With this technology on the horizons, there were bound to be emerging online services that provide users with content to download from their servers, albeit mostly with a charge. There are many such online service providers that provide media content to users at a subscription basis or direct sale basis. These online services eventually became available to smartphone users with their own apps. Now we stand at supposedly the most convenient time in the history of media consumption. Whatever be the need, all you have to do is search for the title and simply download it.


The Turning Point

That’s not all though. There’s more to the story. The innovation doesn’t stop just there. True, the subscription system is pretty convenient. But not everyone is willing to pay for such services. With this emerged the free media consumption services. These services have been around for quite a while. But they were never truly a threat to the subscription system for various reasons. One, the media collection differed vastly. The subscription based services had a tremendously large content, with bigger developers and backers. Also, they had access to newer releases much before the free services. The free services lacked even many of the famous titles, much less the newer ones.

A Free Service with Great Collection

What was truly needed was a free to use service with a great collection. This would enable the users to view the content they wished in a true sense. And one of the most remarkable free media consumption service emerged. It was the ShowBox app. It’s an android app that allows users to view and download movies and TV shows without the need to subscribe for them.

The Game Changer

The release of ShowBox app was a game changer of sorts. The users now have access to its huge collections for free. Sure, the app uses an ad based model, but that much is acceptable. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. And not just access to, the users can even download the content for free. The service is available solely as an app. The app is nicely built though and is easy to use. The content is updated from time to time. Updates include both the new releases and the old ones that were not available before. That sure makes it a delightful service.

ShowBox App

The developers have taken an interesting concept and created an app that is fun, easy to use and suits a very important need. The app is visually attractive and works smoothly. The content is categorized according to the genre and the year of release. The app allows you to create watch lists for future reference and also the watched list. There’s a favourites section for you to mark your favourites and easily navigate to them quickly. The basic tools like search are integrated into the app seamlessly. The homepage shows you various titles across movies and TV shows along with the new releases. The app also recommends you with titles based on your watch list and watched list. The recommendations are shown on the app’s home screen as well. Navigating across various titles and the different menus on the app is a breeze. The animations are fluid and the interface is smooth. The entire process is hassle free. The titles can also be viewed based on their IMDb ratings, for more convenience and ease of use. The app also has an in house rating system, ShowBox rating. So you can use that ratings as well. Also you can rate the titles in ShowBox ratings. Movies and TV shows are available for streaming in various qualities based on your connection speed, including High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD). Downloading in different qualities is also possible.


ShowBox Download

The app works just as claimed by the developers. But there is a slight catch. The ShowBox app is not available on the Google Play Store. Meaning, again it’s not in the same leagues as other subscription based apps that are available on the Play Store. But downloading ShowBox is an easy process and it is available on their website for free. The website also provides step by step instructions to install the app and the installation is fairly simple too.

Olive Garden Restaurant- The Ideal Luncheon

It’s always a delight to go out with friends and family once in a while. To share a meal perhaps lunch with your friends and family is just the perfect gesture of togetherness. Every restaurant has a wide variety of cuisine and delicious dishes to serve to their customers. One of them, known as the “Olive Garden” is famous for its Italian-American style cuisines and the most remarkable feature of this place is its ‘create your own’ option from numerous types of pasta and salads.

It is comforting when one gets to eat a dish the way they like it which includes the ingredients present in that dish. This restaurant is open from Monday-Friday until 4 PM and their menu is worth exploring.  On these days, customers can enjoy the amazing menu offered by the Olive Garden Restaurant at reasonable rates. Besides the icing on the cake ‘make your own’ option the olive garden also offers regular lunch menu like soups, salads and entrees.

Let’s explore the Olive Garden lunch menu their prices.

  1. The soup salad and breadsticks cost $6.99 which includes house salad+breadsticks+a soup of your choice from over four different options. You can also upgrade your salad by paying an addition of $2.99 for Italian meats and cheese or $3.49 for grilled chicken.
  2. The very ‘create your own salad’ that includes unlimited soup or salad at different rates of $6.99, $7.99 and $8.99 with each category having more than two options to choose from, like Spaghetti Meatball Bread Stick Sandwich withFrench Fries, Italian Mac and Cheese Pasta Bowl and Grilled Chicken Flat Bread respectively.
  3. Lighter Entrees- The entrees are less than575 calories and consists of four different dishes ranging from $9.79 to $11.49.
  4. Kid’s meal- Macaroni and Cheese, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza and many more dishes that the kids just cannot say “no” to. The prices of these dishes are worth your kids’ satisfied and full tummy.
  5. Now comes “Let’s create your own pasta”-This option allows you to create your own pasta the way you like it from a tonne of choices beginning from the type of pasta to choosing the sauce, sides and drinks costing just $5.69. With an addition of $1, you get to choose a special topping to make your dish just the perfect one.

On reading up on the entire delicious menu above, one cannot deny that this is a one stop corner for all American-Italian cuisine lovers. The menu has the finest choices to make from and at very reasonable price. The most economical choices of all would be the soup salad and bread sticks at $6.99 and also for all those going as a group the unlimited soup or salad would be the ideal option with just $6.99-$8.99 to spend. Wow! That’s a lot of food at such convenient rates. All these show the great deals offered by Olive Garden lunch menu for all the customers.


Every customer looks to dine at a place that fills their belly and also does not empty their wallets. The food as we’ve been discussing for all this while is worth mentioning including the kids meal for which the restaurant must have gone through meticulous process just to understand the kids’ needs and food habits. The prices are more than satisfactory and what’s there not to like? The flexible hours of the restaurant all through Monday to Friday until 4 PM adds up to the generosity and dedication of the restaurant. There’s no doubt that the customers will step out of this incredible place with a joyous heart and satisfied diet.