Basic Vacuum Types

With such a vibrant market and technological advancements, the question is never availability when it comes to home appliances.  The important questions pertain to specific house needs. Is your floor wooden, marble, tiled or carpeted? The number of occupants will factor in the amount of cleaning needed. Pets complicate things because shed fur and hair is easy to creep under the cushions and sofas.  The idea is to invest in the necessary and not what advertisement is preaching about. When you ask yourself what is the best vacuum, ask yourself about the type too because each type will perform the work differently.54c09ece4f043_-_01-hbx-red-lg-hom-bot-square-0213-s2

Autonomous Vacuums

These are the real definitions of making work easier. They are expensive but if all you need to do is push a few buttons and have the job done, may be the money was worth it.  They save you a lot of time and backache. top-rated-dyson-handheld-vacuum

Upright Vacuums

Everyone wants this type largely because it minimizes the amount of bending done when vacuuming. They are the best ones can extend reach the dirt under couch seats.  They can also be used to clean dirt clinging to fans and other appliances above the floor.

Handheld Vacuums

Their best feature is that you can manouvre inside tight places and clean motor vehicles as well. Their portability makes them a favourite for clean freaks who want to personally make sure that they cleaned a certain area.

Stick Vacuums

Perfect for wooden floors and carpet floors that aren’t too thick. The slender make cleans hard to reach places better than most upright models. They weigh less and occupy less space in storage area.


Vacuum choice type is also dependent on what feels comfortable to your grip or gait. A comfortable one makes the duty bearable.

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