Basics About Botox in Cosmetic

Get Botox and you will have gotten a drug to use cosmetically when removing wrinkles by paralyzing some muscles temporary. It can also be used to treat some muscular conditions. The drug is made from neutrotoxin which is produced by a bacteria known as Clostridium botulism. In order to use Botox for cosmetic use, one needs to attend Botox cosmetic courses to perfect the art. botox23

Botox is the number one known treatment for cosmetic surgery with over 6 million surgeries performed on a yearly basis. It is found from an organism which is available in an inactive and non toxic form in the natural environment. When used in cosmetic, it reduces the wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from cosmetic, It can be used to treat sweating in excess, migraines, bladder and bowel disorders, and muscular disorders. Without going for Botox cosmetic courses, one can end up administering it wrongly,thereby causing botulism, an infection which is deadly as it results in respiratory failure. How toxic is Botox? With only a gram of it, you can kill over a million people, thus the need for Botox cosmetic courses.Foundation-Course

How Botox Works

At the Botox cosmetic courses,  you will be taught how to inject the botulinum toxin; only a small concentration is injected which prohibits nerve signals from penetrating the muscles,  thus making the muscles not to contract as they become paralyzed. Acetylcholine is what causes the muscles to contract, when botulinum is injected, it prevents acetylcholine from being released, thus no contraction of the muscles.

How To Perform The Procedure

The powder is diluted with sodium chloride and then injected into neuromuscular tissue. It will take between 24 hours and 72 hours for the dose to react by disrupting the synaptosomal process. There are times when it takes as long as 5 days for the reaction to take effect. It is advisable that pregnant or lactating mothers shouldn’t use this dosage. People who are allergic to the ingredients in the drug are also advised not to take it.

Side Effects of Botox

In most cases, as long as the dosage is well administered, there are no side effects apart from few reactions on rare cases which causes;mild pain,mild nausea, headache, unwanted weakness paralysis.


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