Olive Garden Restaurant- The Ideal Luncheon

It’s always a delight to go out with friends and family once in a while. To share a meal perhaps lunch with your friends and family is just the perfect gesture of togetherness. Every restaurant has a wide variety of cuisine and delicious dishes to serve to their customers. One of them, known as the “Olive Garden” is famous for its Italian-American style cuisines and the most remarkable feature of this place is its ‘create your own’ option from numerous types of pasta and salads.

It is comforting when one gets to eat a dish the way they like it which includes the ingredients present in that dish. This restaurant is open from Monday-Friday until 4 PM and their menu is worth exploring.  On these days, customers can enjoy the amazing menu offered by the Olive Garden Restaurant at reasonable rates. Besides the icing on the cake ‘make your own’ option the olive garden also offers regular lunch menu like soups, salads and entrees.

Let’s explore the Olive Garden lunch menu their prices.

  1. The soup salad and breadsticks cost $6.99 which includes house salad+breadsticks+a soup of your choice from over four different options. You can also upgrade your salad by paying an addition of $2.99 for Italian meats and cheese or $3.49 for grilled chicken.
  2. The very ‘create your own salad’ that includes unlimited soup or salad at different rates of $6.99, $7.99 and $8.99 with each category having more than two options to choose from, like Spaghetti Meatball Bread Stick Sandwich withFrench Fries, Italian Mac and Cheese Pasta Bowl and Grilled Chicken Flat Bread respectively.
  3. Lighter Entrees- The entrees are less than575 calories and consists of four different dishes ranging from $9.79 to $11.49.
  4. Kid’s meal- Macaroni and Cheese, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza and many more dishes that the kids just cannot say “no” to. The prices of these dishes are worth your kids’ satisfied and full tummy.
  5. Now comes “Let’s create your own pasta”-This option allows you to create your own pasta the way you like it from a tonne of choices beginning from the type of pasta to choosing the sauce, sides and drinks costing just $5.69. With an addition of $1, you get to choose a special topping to make your dish just the perfect one.

On reading up on the entire delicious menu above, one cannot deny that this is a one stop corner for all American-Italian cuisine lovers. The menu has the finest choices to make from and at very reasonable price. The most economical choices of all would be the soup salad and bread sticks at $6.99 and also for all those going as a group the unlimited soup or salad would be the ideal option with just $6.99-$8.99 to spend. Wow! That’s a lot of food at such convenient rates. All these show the great deals offered by Olive Garden lunch menu for all the customers.


Every customer looks to dine at a place that fills their belly and also does not empty their wallets. The food as we’ve been discussing for all this while is worth mentioning including the kids meal for which the restaurant must have gone through meticulous process just to understand the kids’ needs and food habits. The prices are more than satisfactory and what’s there not to like? The flexible hours of the restaurant all through Monday to Friday until 4 PM adds up to the generosity and dedication of the restaurant. There’s no doubt that the customers will step out of this incredible place with a joyous heart and satisfied diet.