Dns Server Not Responding? Here’s What You Can Do

DNS server plays an important part in the world wide web. Without DNS server, it is easy to say that the Internet won’t be able to work. But ‘DNS server not responding‘ is a very common error message we receive while using the Internet.

Why does it happen and how can we correct it?

DNS server error can be due to several reasons. Majorly, it can either be our computer which is at fault or server. Dealing with our computer is quite easy.

  • The first step should be to check whether the Internet connection is working on other systems or not. This clearly tells whether the problem is being caused due to our system or server.
  • If Problem still exists, we can check our computer for any possible issues. Like testing different browsers or disabling any extra connections.
  • Flushing unwanted DNS cache is also one of the solutions. This can be easily done by giving a command ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ in the command prompt of your computer.
  • Restart the computer and check. If the problem still prevails, you can change your DNS server to an openDNS, an open-source DNS service. You can even try rebooting your computer in safe mode.
  • If troubleshooting your computer doesn’t even work, you can finally try to troubleshoot your router. Ethernet cable is directly connected to the modem. All the connections are first undone. Kept as it is for thirty-sixty seconds. And then are connected again.


  • Resetting the router is also an option. It recovers all the default information. It may help you with your Internet connectivity.
  • If nothing, try changing your DNS server to some other server, it may happen that your router works on some different DNS servers. Your problems are most probably to be solved with these above-mentioned methods.

However, if you still face any problems, you can contact your Internet Service provider. It’s likely that an internal issue has occurred on their part.

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