Efficient Powder Coating Service

Looking for experts who can expertly do powder coater brisbane jobs no matter the item? An efficient powder coater, Brisbane specifically, can be difficult to find if you don’t know exactly where to look, since we don’t want you to lose your way, we may have the one that you need. Brisbane Powder Coating has been a family run business with over 23 years of experience. They clearly understand the consequences of using sub standard items and hurried procedures, so they dedicate the proper time and effort into each project in order to provide the best.

Services Offered


Brisbane Powder Coating offer a wide array of coating services, we’re sure that you can find what you’re looking for here. The production facility that they own is fully equipped with all the latest technology in powder coating. Regardless if the items you want coated is new or used, they can properly coat it with a choice of colors. All the items will be initially prepped using a chromate conversion treatment, this ensures lasting results.

Powder Coating Building Materials

Obviously, the building materials will be exposed to the elements for the duration of their useful life. All the more reason as to why proper techniques and procedures are to be followed, no cutting corners; this ensures that all possible rusts are removed and that the finishing sticks to the material properly. They value customer satisfaction and their company’s reputation so they make sure to provide the best possible service.


Powder Coating Machinery and Automotive Components

Automotive and machinery components are typically powder coated; these parts may include roll cages, aftermarket car wheels, motorbike frames and rims. Usually, these components face oil, grime, grease and all sorts of other elements so it’s crucial that all the prep work is done efficiently and effectively. You’d be shocked how a little powder coating here and there can transform the overall appearance of your car or motorbike.

Other Services

Aside from the major services that they offer, there are also others services and features available to clients like:

  • Colours – as far as the colour options go, clients have a wide variety of Dulux and Interpon ranges to choose form.
  • Packaging – upon request, any and all of the finished products can be packaged.
  • Pickup and Delivery – clients can inquire about available pickup and delivery services.
  • Quote and Inquiry – if you want a quick quote or have any inquiries then visit their website and ask away.

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