Expert Toronto Electricians

Much like with any industry, there is bound to be tight competition in every corner. Each of the companies that provide electrical services has their own pros and cons. It’s ultimately left to the client whether they find that the pros far outweigh the cons. You, as a client who want to find the best Toronto electrician, need to read everything about that particular service provider. All thanks to technology, you can even hire electricians online, yes that is very possible and thousands of other people have done it before and were much more satisfied with the services.

Here, we will focus on a website called where tons of services are provided. Among the numerous services that they provide, of course they also provide expert electrical services for anyone who wants to hire them. In case you do have your doubts, you can always search for their reviews and certifications online, but we assure you that is a well trusted multiple service provider.


Advantages of Jiffy

Here are just some of the advantages when you hire them, these might help tip the scales on their favour.

  1. Instant responses – their service are available all the time thanks to their large network of experts and they even take on instant calls.
  2. Fair Rates – even if you look up their rates online, you’ll see that they charge fairly for their services.
  3. 4+ Star Professionals – the users have spoken, the services that they provide are overwhelmingly amazing that they are the only company in their field with a rating this high.
  4. Hassle Free Pay – after the job is done, the client will be billed via their credit card; no more counting money or difficulty in change.

Rates for Electrical Services


  • $180 for the first two hours during Mondays to Fridays before 5pm.
  • $90 for every additional hour after the first two.
  • 5x after hour rate, this is after 5pm during Mondays to Fridays or Saturday to Sunday.

Appointment & Cancellation

In case the service should be dine inside your home, then you or a representative of legal age must also be present. If it’s an outdoor service then it’s alright if you aren’t at home, but it’s recommended for you to still be there in case of other concerns. Appointments can be cancelled without charge up until the professional says they’re on their way, otherwise you’ll be charged $25 as cancellation fee.

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