Fallout Shelter Cheats

Fallout shelter is a free mobile simulation video game, which has taken the up the video game world by storm. This game was developed by Bethesda Game studios. It was released for both android and ios devices in 2015. The basic game plan of this game is that the users have do build their own buildings and vault, which is the fallout shelter.

This game caught a lot of attention upon its release and soon became a huge hit among the gamers.  The game play of fallout shelter, as stated earlier, includes the players to build and maintain their own vaults as a leader.

Every vault has citizens living in it, whom you need to direct and guide As a player, you need to keep all the citizens happy through keeping up with their needs and demands such as food, water and power. Through the game, each character has a SPECIAL profile, which in turn affects their ability to generate resources in the vault. The SPECIAL profile also depends upon the dwellers from the wasteland, and thereby to increase the dwellers, you have to wait for more dwellers to come from the wasteland, or pair a male dweller to female dweller to produce babies.

The SPECIAL profile stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Ability and Luck. The SPECIAL profile is of utmost importance as these abilities determine the efficiency of the dweller in your game.  Strength helps in power plants, perception gives you an edge in water treatment plants, endurance helps the dweller last longer in the game, charisma helps the dweller breed more quickly in case they are paired with another dweller and finally agility helps in diners.

The game might sound easy, but it gets complicated as you keep on making rooms for the citizen. In the beginning, making rooms is easy as you can make them in a haphazard manner, but gradually the rooms start using more and more resources and power and you might get a little puzzled at how to accommodate the growing citizen. To overcome this problem, make sure you evenly distribute all the power reactors across your vault, as rooms utilize more and more power, the farther they are from the power source. Also, diners and water treatment facilities utilize power even though no one is using them. So to save the precious resources, you shouldn’t build them if not entirely necessary.

One of the many other fallout shelter cheats is to keep your dwellers employed all the time, any unemployed dweller just soaks up the resources like food and power. So any unemployed dweller is not just a waste of resource but it also utilities other resources.


Another useful tip is storing your weapons. When the wanderers start bringing in the weapons, the best strategy is to hand out the weapons to every adult citizen in the vault. You can even sell the weapons, and in exchange make more rooms and buy more resources for the citizens. Also, to save up the resources, don’t hand out the arms to pregnant women, because in case of an attack, they just run away to their bunkers instead of using the guns. So handing out guns to them would be a waste of resource.

Just like weapons, wanderers also bring you outfits, and the best place to store them is at the back of your vault drawers. You should hand out the outfits to the dwellers in order to boost up their SPECIAL stat, as different outfits can boost up their corresponding stat. For example, some outfit boosts up strength and endurance, whereas some of the nightwear outfits boosts up the charismatic stat in case you have to breed the dwellers.

Another thing to look out for is raiders. Raiders often come in and bug your dwellers and engage them in a fight which affects the health of your dwellers. A simple hack for this is preparedness. You can start off by placing two dwellers at the entry of the vault and assigning them two of your most powerful weapons. Place the dwellers in the nearest room of the entry. Now when the terror strikes, you can simply call off the dwellers from the rooms nearest to the entry and ward off the raiders.

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