Good Responsive Web Design Can Uplift A Business

A website is mandatory in business these days. It’s a global identity and portfolio of what a company does and what they are capable of. Even people with small scale endeavors should come up with their own websites to showcase portfolios in even brighter ways. People now get internet access more than they ever have had, using a variety of devices – smartphones, tablets, traditional computers, kiosks, gaming consoles or even the living room television! What’s common among all these? Well, there’s a lot of things that are common but the display resolution and device behavior aren’t. Of course the displays of different devices would have different resolutions and a TV doesn’t act the same as a smartphone do. That’s why the developers need to come up with a designing scheme that fits all devices, and it is formally called responsive design. If you are a non-techie and starting up a new business website, you can certainly opt for the responsive blogger templates for the first go.

Good and Bad Responsive Design


As you may understand by now, it is important that your website should be based on a responsive design scheme. However, there are some common etiquette for responsive web design and not complying by those would be taken as bad design scheme on a responsive website.

  • When creating different resolution versions of the same website, don’t make it an exact copy. The smartphone version of a website should look different, more suitable for a mobile screen than a bigger desktop screen. Put only the most useful information on a smartphone version of the website.
  • Go for a new and unique design. There are free or less-expensive ready made templates all over the internet but unless you are taking a dirt-cheap approach don’t walk that way. Hire a developer who can come up with unique designs to suit your business needs.


  • Create secondary pages. Don’t just cramp the landing page with all the information. Whatever business you own, the website visitors would love to see a website nicely designed and properly organized.
  • Don’t create a mobile website as a secondary option. Given the current scenario, the website you build in 2016 should be mobile-first! Apparently, a good 80% of your audiences will come from a smartphone platform.
  • No design gets perfect at the first try. Create the website, ask your contacts to visit and express their opinions. Make corrections based on those.


All these aspects may be available on a responsive blogger template made by some professional, for a good price. Go for one if you need.

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