How Many Grams Are In An Ounce Of Weed- Know Here

Marijuana also known as cannabis, weed, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane is the most widely used drug among youngsters and adults all across the world. The drug is greenish gray in color made from the mixture of the dried flowers, stems, leaves, seeds of the cannabis sativa (hemp plant). It is a mood fluctuating substance that offers pleasure to the person using it and also stimulates appetite.Most of the people know how to make joints and rolls of weed but are unaware of the right amount of the contents that should be mix properly and inhaled. Weed comes in varying weights depending on the quantity. I have written this article to make you understand about the various measures of the weed and how many grams are in an ounce of weed.

Standard quantities of weed

Weed comes in standard units of grams, eights, quarters, ounces, pound and kilos.Below you will find important information on every unit of weed.


  • Gram is the smallest unit of weed which you can buy from the market. If you are buying few grams of marijuana, you will get sufficient amount of quantity in that particular unit which you can make up to 3-4 rolls of weed out of that amount or if you want you can also finish the entire quantity in just one roll depending upon your tolerance level.
  • Eighths refer to 1/8(on part out of 8) of an ounce. If you buy weed in grams then you might have to pay few more bucks as compared to eighths i.e. you will get the quantity at the better price if eights units is procured from the seller. People who smoke on regular basis buy weed in eighths unit.

An eighth = 3.5 grams

  1. Quarter or quad is ¼ of an ounce which is just double of eighths quantity.

A quarter = 2 Eighths =7 grams


  • Ounce or ‘O’ carries four times the amount of quarter which is more than sufficient. This is a very good quantity which will allow you to make many more rolls than expected.

An Ounce= 4 Quarters = 8 Eighths = 14 grams.

  • Pound is the large quantity of weed.

A Pound = 16 ounces = 64 Quarters = 128 Eighths = 448 grams

  • Kilo is larger than pound and contains good amount of weed in it.

A kilo = 1000 grams

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