Important Steps To Follow When Painting A Room 

When you have a room which needs repainting, it is important to look for a professional to do the job so that it is done perfectly. If you hire the services of professionals at Weiler Painting Chilliwack you will not have regrets as they know their work perfectly well and they will do the best job to your satisfaction. They will also give you free guides on how it is done.

Cleaning Walls

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Before the walls are painted, the wall has to be cleaned to remove the grease spot, dust, and dirt because if you don’t do so, it will definitely ruin the finish. Use water, a cellulose sponge, and a little mild dishwashing detergent, then you use clean water to rinse all the residues.

How To Handle the Windows and Door Frames

Before the painting is done, Weiler Painting Chilliwack professionals will make sure that they tape the windows, trim and door frames. They normally use a painter’s blue tape which they normally apply a week ahead of the painting job. They will remove the tape after painting immediately before the paint dries up on the wall to avoid the paint being peeled off.

Priming the Wall

Weiler painting Chilliwack

Priming is very important and you don’t have to follow what most people believe in  that when a wall is painted several times, it doesn’t need to be primed.  Priming helps to cover and Sheen the paint to the maximum giving the finish coat a uniform appearance.


The professionals will brush on paint around trims and in the corners of the wall where rolling is impossible. A two-inch brush should do the trick. Make sure you use sheen as a finish as and it should be quality. Get the gloss, eggshell, or satin as they are the best option, If it is high traffic room, use satin or gloss as they do hold better to touch and they can easily be cleaned. The downside of this type of finish is that they make imperfection more pronounced that is why Weiler Painting Chilliwack will advise on using the matte-like finish because even though it does not clean well and doesn’t endure touches but the imperfections won’t be pronounced.

Get the professionals to make your wall painting for a perfect job. Though they might be initially expensive, but in the long run, they are affordable as compared to doing a paint job using an inexperienced painter.

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