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Games are the important part and parcel part of our life. They make us fit and teach us many qualities like patience, teamwork, dedication etc. But, in today’s era, nobody has this much time. In this fast running life, everyone is speeding with time, and people hardly prefer to spend some time on the outdoor activities. Outdoor activities involves various processes like team formation, proper span of time, proper ground, and so many other important things.  And all this is quite time consuming. So, individuals prefer to stay at home rather than going out.

And because of all this, our body and mind are greatly affected. Games helped out body to remain fit. While playing, there were many movements and turns, that leads to lot of calorie burn and attain flexibility. Talking about brain, then while playing, activities like concentrating, planning, implementing was very good for brain. These activities made us smarter.  But now, since little time is spend in these activities; other alternatives were needed to replace them. For body, there is gyming, exercises etc, but for brain?

Yes for brain too, there are lots of games and puzzles available. And the best thing about them is that they are available online too. Whenever you are free, or whenever you are bored of same routine work on your pc or laptop, open the new tab and type “Puzzle games online”. This search will direct you to the different interesting puzzle games that can help you to make your mind smarter and faster.


That means making CPU of your body efficient is not very tough task. It doesn’t take much time and money. Talking about the money, then there are many website that provide free unblocked games.  So making brain smarter only require your little time and money but lots of efforts. Here are the free online interesting puzzle games for you:

  • Sudoku: One of the most interesting and mind throbbing games that can improve your reasoning power a lot. This game helps you to improve your mind efficiency by concentrating. You have to fill the digits from 1 to 9 in a 9X9 blocks that no row, no column, and no box of 3X3 gets the repeated value.
  • Word Search: Another interesting game that you can play in your free time is word search. Searching certain words in the pile of alphabets increases the concentration as well as attention to detail.
  • Crosswords: This game lead to you to put pressure on your brain and forced it to try to recall things. Various hints are given in this game that point out to certain words. We have to figure out those. This whole process eventually makes us to think more which increases overall productivity of our thinking process.
  • Super Stacker: Super Stacker is the game that makes you learn a lot about balance. Different set of shapes are given and you have to position them. You have to position them in a certain way that can lead to stable balanced position for certain seconds. In this game you have to take quick and accurate decisions which involve mind presence a lot.


  • Doodle physics game: Another game that is based on shapes, sizes and balances. This game deals with the construction of the building with various sized materials. Here apart from maintaining balance, you also need to take care of colour of material as same coloured material will blast, if came in contact.

Apart from all these, there are games like perfect balance, Doodle God, rotate and roll, cog factory, chroma circuit etc that can enhance your thinking level. They are really a great and efficient booster for your mind.

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