Lie Detection Made Easy

Criminal investigations are rife with episodes of gory torture and human rights violations. Blinding of under trials by gouging their eyes out or sporadic events of beating or wringing of necks, have been used by cops due to the belief that truth will escape their mouths like a snake wriggles out of his burrow.

The invention of lie detector also called as polygraph in 1921 in Berkeley, California has helped to reduce the tormenting of accused or suspected persons. John Larson, a rookie in the Police Department of Berkeley is credited with making this device which has made the police investigations scientific and humane. The lie detector is a real feather in cap for Larson because as a naive police officer and a trained physiologist he combined this blend of his own personality, being reflected in the polygraph as an ensemble of science and investigation. He improved upon the crude equipment of William Moulton Marston which could figure out that a person was lying by observing the rise in his blood pressure.


The lie detector of recent times uses four variables that help in determining the veracity of the subject being examined. The lie detector measures the deviations in blood pressure, respiration, heart beat and electrical resistance (galvanic skin response or GSR).  It is assumed that a person who is lying is under fear of being nabbed by the investigations. This causes mental agitation or excitement which induces the adrenal gland to release adrenaline hormone, which after commingling with blood increases the blood pressure, respiration rate and pulse rate. Also it is found that a person who is lying sweats, due to which the negatively charged chloride ions surface up on skin. This reduces resistance of the skin and when a small amount of current is sent into the body via galvanometer, it records the current in the screen. The records of physiological changes help in confession of the crime.

The lie detector test london services are famous as many companies are providing scientific, proficient and accurate lie detector test services for example NADAC, which is the largest privately owned polygraph company in UK. NADAC, famous for lie detector test, London, UK is committed to serving its clients with advanced, computerised state-of-the-art instruments. The examiners are well trained and experienced for conducting such tests. The Directors of NADAC are actually the owners of British Polygraph Academy which has got the approval of American Polygraph Association.


London Polygraph is another service provider in this arena. They promise best bunch of techniques and help in preparing best set of questions to nail the investigation. The techniques they use record every psychological function that plays an important role in ascertaining truth and untruth. They conduct thorough analysis of each response to the questions in a structured fashion and which help make the test more and more scientific. The examiners provided, have the expertise and knack in using the resources to aid the investigation process and give foolproof evidence that is indubitable under any circumstances. With more than a thousand tests to their name they have made it big in offering this service.

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