Meditation Techniques To Achieve Healthy Life

Today we all are busy to make money and success. Our life is so stressed out that we don’t have time to think about our health and mental well-being. Over stress and over work affect our health negatively. To cope up with this situation there are various types of meditation techniques to make your mind calm and peaceful. Meditation is a process of making your mind focused and to make mental well-being.

Since ancient time people meditate to make their mind peaceful and to connect themselves with their god. Meditation was often associated with religions and traditions. Different religions have their own cultures and traditions related to meditation. In Jainism, to do salvation and to liberate their soul they often mediated. Buddhism meditation techniques are very popular in the world. Yoga is a type of meditation which Hindu yogis do to realize their self-identity and to increase their concentration. In Sikhism, to feel god’s presence and to meet spiritual purpose they meditated. Christians meditated through prayers to make their mind calm and to connect with their father.


Today meditation is a mix of all these religious practices and done to meet mental peace. It is not difficult for the person to do and it doesn’t need so much time. Those who are beginners simply need to make meditation their habit so that it becomes one of their daily activities. Sit in a yogic posture in comfortable way and close your eyes. Try not to think anything and breathe slowly without any effort. Follow this until you concentrate your mind at one place. Slowly you will feel your body and positive energy. You only need 10 – 15 minutes to do this. There are different types of meditation techniques for the beginners. Breathing, supine, muscle relaxation, kneeling position, standing posture or simply sitting in a yogic posture with your eyes closed.

Why to prefer meditation over exercise?

Meditation is simple way to make your mind calm and to live a healthy life. Exercise needs to done every day for at least one hour or less. But for meditation you need only few minutes and you can easily take this much of time from your busy schedule. Meditation is a peaceful way to revert your mind from negative to positive energy.


Meditation techniques for beginners has different advantages and it is a better way to stay focused and to get healthy life. You will have calming effect on your mind and become more balanced person. It will lower your blood pressure and increase blood circulation in your body. By meditating you will feel less anxiety and stress. Your body and mind become calmer than before.

Meditation could be done by any person even if he/she is very old. It doesn’t have any negative effect on the body. It will only give you the positive energy. You will feel your inner strength and your ability to stay focused will improve slowly. It is just a matter of practice and the purpose you serve to do mindfulness meditation

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