Modern day Diaper Bags

Diaper and diaper bags are the most important accessories for a new born baby. They are really functional for the features they have and fashionable too for the styles, colors and designs in which they are available. Gone are the days when the market was flooded with over sized cartoon printed bags. You can expect to get some of the best diaper bags in the market, designer to be precise!670d041cf447813011da052a31dfbb23

Keeping up with their key features and functions, they have been innovated for their looks. They are no more a bag only to fulfill a baby’s needs. They are designed intelligently to hold the stuff of both the mother and the baby that eliminates the need to carry a different bag for the mother.

Key features of a Diaper bag:

Any diaper bag to be really useful must fulfill the following requirements-

  1. Ideally the fabric used in the inner lining should be water proof so any spills can be easily wiped or cleaned. This also enables a regular washing of the bag and makes it maintenance free.
  2. It must have enough space to hold at least two to three feeder bottles at a time- one for water and two for formula milk.
  3. It should have a few small pockets to hold the smaller items like teether, medicines, hand sanitizer, nail clippers etc.
  4. There should be a few deeper pockets dedicated to hold the baby’s blankets, bibs etc.
  5. A separate space to stock food items like dry snacks etc to ensure they remain fresh for a longer period of

The modern day diaper bags are a step ahead and have enough space to hold the necessities of the mother too. There can be a separate division altogether in the bag to hold such items like- wallet, sun glasses, keys and a cell phone.

You will never have to bother to get just the right bag for you. They are available in different sizes, styles, fabrics and prints. Simply put, there is one for each one.

So next time you pack that diaper bag, here is a quick check list for you-

  1. Diapers
  2. Feeder bottles
  3. Sipper
  4. Nursing cover
  5. Teether or a toy
  6. An extra change for the baby and for the mother
  7. Wet wipes
  8. Bibs
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. Blanket
  11. Pacifier
  12. Few disposable bags

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