Non-Invasive Body Sculpting: Contour Light

Non-invasive body contouring is the most popular form of fat reduction that has graced the world of aesthetic treatments recently. Non-invasive means that you do not have to undergo surgery in order to remove or reduce the extra fat in your body. And among the many non-invasive body contouring options the latest advancement in this field is the Contour Light.

Contour Light

Contour Light is the latest addition to the list of non-invasive body contouring and skin rejuvenation procedures that can be done. This is procedure is usually done on the areas where exercise and diet have little effects such as the hips and waist, thighs and arms, and lastly the chin. This procedure is supported by the technology of LED light.


Contour Light Procedure

The Contour Light procedure must be done every other day for 10 sessions. The LED light will be used to dissolve stubborn fats in the areas specified by the client. Every session will be conducted in the same manner wherein the client is asked to lie on a bed and pads will be placed in the areas to be treated. The device will then be turned on and the client will be able to feel the warm sensation for the LED light. After 2-3 sessions, there is already a marked difference on the treated area. After the 10 sessions, the client’s problem will be more or less likely to be solved. This procedure might not really require the participation of the client however after every session the client is advised to have a short workout in order to flush the toxins from the body.

Benefits of Contour Light


It must also be taken into consideration that Contour Light is not for all body types. It is only advisable for removing localized fat such as love handles and not fat on wide-spread areas. If you opt to use Contour Light in order to get your body into the shape you do not have to undergo numerous surgeries and suffer through the long recovery period. This means that you will not have to experience any type or form of pain. Also after each session then is no after effect that can prevent your movements. But you have to remember that after you have undergone the procedure, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to preserve the results of the body sculpturing.

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