Pompadour : The Classic Hairstyle

Hairstyles can be of various types, with the likes varying widely for both men and women. These different types of hairstyles encompass funky, decent, schoolboy, and many other types, both for short and long hairs. Among these, there are some hairstyles that are considered to be simple, yet classic. Finding its root back in eighteenth century, Pompadour is one of such kind. Pompadour hairstyle, named after Madame de Pompadour (1721–1764), mistress of King Louis XV, is style with the concept where hairs are swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead. Sometimes, the hairs are also upswept around the sides and back as well.

While initially its popularity was among the women, this hairstyle came into vogue for men as well very soon. Thanks to rock stars of early centuries such as Elvis Presley who wore this type of hairstyles, and made it famous even among the men. Though simple in looks, this style is considered to be one of the most classic hairstyle of all time. Not just that it is simple to carry, this hairstyle gives the look of a “perfect gentleman” or a “classic lady”. Since then, this style has gone through many variations and is still under experiments, in the twenty first century.


As time passed, the pompadour look has become a lot more versatile, and can change you face, lifestyle and personality completely. Women can achieve this hairstyle by simply putting up their hairs, backwards clustering them towards the center to give a puffy effect. While the variation is not much for the females, the males can have a lot of experiments with pompadour and obtain a lot of different observations. There are two main types of pompadour hairstyle for men. These two styles are the classic (the old original style) and the angular (the modified modern style).

So as stated before, that this hairstyle gives you a gentleman look, but at the same time we had observed rock stars carrying the same style, who do not generally want a gentleman look. This is possible with the two different variations of the hairstyle. The first one, the classic pompadour, is the cut one should go for, if he wants a more refined gentleman look rather than a hip hop/rock star. With this hairstyle, generally the side of your face should have long hair, giving it a superb classic look. At the same time, a short beard goes incredibly well this cut.

However, if your hairs are clipped higher than the crown of your head, you might end up with a more dramatic, exaggerated and angular style. Maintaining the balance between the width and height, such type of pompadour is usually more suited to people with long faces. With some extreme experiments on the classic pompadour, stylists came up with the modern pompadour look, or more specifically, the angular style. Here, the side and back hairs have to be shaved pretty short for its best effect. If you are brave enough and comfortable, you should try to shave far up your crown. Basically this is cut is a combination of the pompadour and the undercut, giving a sexy and edgy look. While the original style suited long faces, this style particularly suits people with rounder faces, as it adds height and detracts from the width of the face.

If we talk about it’s fame, it does not really lies only in the early centuries. The style had been brought into fashion by some people in the past, and it’s fame has been increasing since then. There are many famous personalities wearing this hairstyle in the current generation, becoming idols for the youth of today. To name some, Josh Hartnett, Bruno Mars and James Franco are people carrying the original pompadour cut. With the angular style are the personalities such as Zac Efron, Sean Penn, Justin Bieber, and ofcourse the handsome king David Beckham.


But how does one achieve the perfect style that he wishes for? Well, fortunately there are a quite few tips available to you when working with this hairstyle. For creating a nice crisp finish with shine, wet pomade can be applied for medium shine and hold and a stronger grooming/styling cream can be applied for a stronger shine and hold to towel dried hair. High shine styling products can be used of course, but it’s important to start off with a small amount and work it into the sides of the hair first– you can always add more if required. This is necessary, and will help avoid making the hair appear too greasy, which will force you to start the whole process again. For voluminous demands, blow dying of you hairs can be done. Along with it, you can use your fingers/brush to push up your hairs in the direction you want, and obtain the look you desire.

It is clear that this hairstyle is versatile and can suit absolutely anyone. In fact, it is very sexy and simple at the same time, to carry such a hairstyle. But, nothing is achievable for free. An important  thing that you should keep in mind before cutting your hair into the pompadour is that it requires quite high maintenance, and it needs to be styled daily and the back and sides should be trimmed regularly. If not, then it will be another experiment, and you would not get what you actually want.

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