Pros And Cons Of Unblocked Games

Schools servers do not allow students to access sites that contain games and other types of content that the school authorities deem inappropriate. However, there still are some games that can be accessed through the server, and they are called unblocked games. They are the games that are students are allowed to play. They are also accessible through such as

How it Works


If is a school has an internet connection then it has its own server. Usually,schools set up filters on their servers in order to prevent students from accessing content that is deemed inappropriate for them such as violent games. The school has the prerogative to set up a security filter on their main server. In this way, they can choose what type of content to be blocked and what content can be accessed. If a client requests to have access to a certain site, the school’s proxy server will first evaluate the site. If the sites will pass the security check then it can be accessed but if it does not then it will be blocked. However, even if games are blocked in schools’ servers, the schools still have unblocked games that students can play.


Games are a form of entertainment for students. It can be a source of fun if they are bored and an escape if they are tired. Unblocked games are great for helping students when they are in need of a diversion. The schools also have the power as to which games can be blocked and unblocked so they can monitor the games that their students can play. The usual games that are unblocked are those educational games. So when students play them, they are learning while being entertained.



Even if certain schools have already mandated certain rules and regulations in order to moderate the access to these unblocked games, there are still times that students do not obey them. Instead of focusing on their classes they will be secretly accessing the unblocked games through  different sites. This is why some of the students will not be focused on their lessons. This will cause their grades are affected negatively. Playing unblocked games could also lessen the social interaction among students. They will be more focused on playing games than talking to their peers. If this will go on for a long time then it could be unhealthy in more aspects than one.

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