Turkish towels are one most famous cotton towels available in the world. They are best prep arable for the traveller as they were thin, light, easily compact and also carried easily. Turkish towels are handmade woven with Turkish cotton which occur naturally. Turkish towels are marked their culture and traditional view of the Turkish people. Turkish people’s social life were more depended on manufacture of Turkish towels thus it plays a very important role in the past and continuing in present generation also. But originally in the past the Turkish towels are used for the   official bath before the marriage, but now it is used for all important cultural programmes and every important ceremony. The Turkish people have an unbreakable bond with these Turkish towels. They manufacture all kind of different towels in the complete set such as towels for hips, shoulders, and head etc. actually this reminds as the history of special Turkish minds in bath.


Turkish towels are best suited for the travellers and most recommended towel for the long travelling. When you are putting the normal towers in your travel this may add extra shit to your journey as they are hard to dry fast and packing such wet towels may cause bad smell. But when it comes to the Turkish towels they are less weight, easy to use and take very less time to dry, easy to compact.

Let me give some reasons why Turkish towels are best suited for bathing.

  • The Turkish towels are very thin. They are made from the Turkish cotton even though it is made up of cotton, they dry very quickly than the normal towels.
  • Another reason is it can cover up very easily. The size of Turkish towel does not matter when it comes to compact. As it is very thin you can these towels pack up to very small.
  • Turkish towels provide very soft feeling when you use it unlike the other towels.
  • The absorbency of the Turkish towel is very high so that it absorb all the water from the body.
  • Most people uses the Turkish towels for the beach bath as it is good absorbent and sand free towels.
  • The Turkish towels are used as the used for many other purposes while travelling such as in planes, buses, trains where you might need a nap.
  • Turkish towels are used as the picnic blankets. Unscripted lunch dates at the parks are better with wide spread.


  • You can tie two or more Turkish towels so that you can make a beach bag which helps in no need of the other extra bags.
  • Turkish towels are sometimes May use as a privacy screens in the hostel, what you need is just hang it from the upper part and create a privacy changing area in the room.
  • You can also use the short Turkish towels as the scarf when you feel chilly.
  • These Turkish towels are also used as the baby blankets especially before changing the diapers.

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