The History Of Neopets

Adam Powell and Donna Williams

During the year 1997, the concept of Neopets Dailies was conceived by Adam Powell. He was studying at the University of Nottingham during that time. He decided to share his idea with Donna Williams a fellow colleague. They began to work together on the idea and it materialised in the form of a website during the year 1999 with their efforts together. The web design and art were made by Williams while Powell worked on the database and the programming of the site. By the end of the year, their website was ready and was launched from offices in Portsmouth Road in November of 1999. Their original aim on building the website was to make some money from banner advertising and to keep students entertained.


Doug Dohring and other Investors

The user base became very famous, very quickly and had around 600,000 page views per day by Christmas of 1999. This led them to think about investors to keep their site running, as it required money. It was during that time that Doug Dohring, an American investor was introduced to them and together with other investors, he bought a large share of the site. They began business by the month of April after Doug founded Neopets, Inc. Their first paying customer was built with the aid “immersive advertising”, an advertising method. By the year 2004, they provided customers with a premium version in which advertisements were not visible while it was visible on the basic site.

Worldwide Fame:


In June of 2005, Neopets, Inc. was bought Media conglomerate Viacom for a sum of 160 million dollars. They declared that they will be concentrating more on using banner ads, rather than the existing means of advertising. With changes to user interface, the website had a make-over in 2007 which also included customisation of Neopets. The site was further publicised by means of a minishow that aired on Nickelodeon. This led to more people becoming active members of the website and playing the game. Since its creation in 1997, the website recorded 1 trillion page views during June of 2011. It is also notable that the first Altador Cup was released alongside the FIFA world cup 2016 as a coincidence and about 10.4 million people participated for the cup.

When playing Neopets, you can use the Neopet dailies to earn Neopoints to take care of your pets in luxury.

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