The Perfect Holiday In Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular countries to visit and people love to come to this country to explore Asia in all its glory. If you too have planned a holiday in Malaysia, there’s a high chance you have picked a hotel at Kuala Lumpur. Although KL is a great place to visit, it is usually crowded with tourist. If you are planning on exploring Malaysia a little more in detail then a trip to JB is not a bad idea. Getting to JB is not tough and there are a number of ways you can get to the city. The best way to reach JB however is by taking the bus to JB which is not a very long ride. You can plan a day trip to JB or even book a hotel there and stay there for a few days.img_5137

There’s a lot that you can do in JB too and this place is not as crowded as KL. No matter how long you plan to stay here, make sure you check out the things to do in JB and make a list of what you would like to do. This helps you to save on time as well as energy in planning at the last minute.

Once you get to JB there are many places to visit. JB is one of the most beautiful and versatile places in Malaysia. One such place to visit is the Desaru Ostrich Farm. The Desaru Ostrich Farm is one of the biggest ostrich farms located in Malaysia. It is home to over a 100 ostriches and is famous across Asia. You can interact closely with the ostriches in the farm. This is something that you cannot do anywhere else. You will also learn quite a bit about these amazing birds. The caretakers at the Desaru Ostrich Farm feed and medicate the ostriches. They also provide you all the information that you need about ostriches. You will be given various tips and tricks as you go around the farm. The fees to enter the Desaru Ostrich Farm are extremely reasonable and it is a one of a kind experience for people of all ages. While there are a number of places to visit in JB, the Desaru ostrich farm is definitely one of the places that you should be visiting.

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