Things To Know About The Artra Condo Singapore

The Artra showflat Condo reveals that, this is the best place if you are looking for comfortable housing which have spacious surroundings. This  condo is designed has a lot of facilities which are enough to create a luxurious and grand atmosphere for you and those you love. It is a condo which will be situated in the best location where you will be able to access the CBD easily, making it an ideal location for residents from all walks of life. The developers of this condo, Tang City Holdings have an object of offering their occupants a more comfortable and spacious living. The good thing about this condo is, it is a mixture of commercial and residential development which comprises of 10,000 square childcare, food and beverage store, and a supermarket.ARTRA ShowflatThere will be a full size swimming pool which the residents will have access to at their own convenience. Here, they will relax and enjoy leisurely swimming with friends and family. There is a tennis court too to make sure that the residence doesn’t get bored over the weekend. Apart from the aforementioned, the residence can take pirates, yoga or weightlifting classes in the indoor gym, which is located inside the condo and is available for all the residents to use it.ARTRA ShowflatThe Artra condo being right behind the Redhill MRT station means that, people will be able to access several surrounding social amenities which will surround it and those which will be within the condo. Home owners, investors, visitors and even tenants will find it one of its kind; the Redhilll MRT is an above ground MRT on the east west, which is along the Tiong Bahru Road.  This and much more will make this the best residence.

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