Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Headphones For Djing And Producing

DJ headphones come from different brands like Akai, Behringer, Allen & Health, DJ Tech, Denon, Pioneer, Numark, Presonus and much more.

Headphones have to be selected for its technology as well as its size and type. But with so much competition for the best headphones for DJing and producing, one has to be choosy about which brand to buy, what is the trending technology right now, the cost factor and of course, our own individual requirements. Hence, analyzing each factor before going into the purchase mode has to be the first step to beingtaken for purchasing the Best Headphones for DJing and producing.

Comfort factor: As headphones are worn for a long time, this gadget has to feel comfortable when worn. Comfort in terms of light-weight, fitting snugly into the ear so the earpads do not hurt or apply too much pressure around the ear and the ability to carry it around when you travel are the major requirements that have to be considered.


Audibility: Generally the environment that the DJ works in is filled with noise and screams from fans. So the regular headphones that are most suitable at home will not do for a DJ. You require headphones that are high in clarity and are loud at high volumes. This is another basic requirement of a headphone for a DJ.

Balanced Tone: Keep in mind that the sound from the huge subwoofers and speakers with their loud noises has to be considered. Your headphones should be tuned to low frequencies so that they give a balanced tone, though some still prefer the bass-heavy ones. Your individual taste has to be preferred whether you would prefer the bass-heavy ones or the balancedtone.

Hard outer shell: A DJ has to lead a hectic life and the headphones have to put up with all the pressure from the person handling it. Unless the headphones are hard they cannot survive the rough and tough atmosphere that the DJ leads. The earpads should be of good quality while the phones should be foldable so that they can be carried using less space, the outer covering should be protective in nature and not fragile.


Snug fit: The headphones travel a lot with the DJ and should be easily folded to fit snugly so that it can be easily carried along with your laptop and other equipment.

Models Available

The Sennheiser HD25-1 II is a closed-back headphone that is one of the most sought after model that provides good sound. It has a good outer protective cover and is comfortable to use providing top quality sound. The Pioneer HDJ 2000 is an improvised version of the Pioneer 1500. It is most comfortable to use even for long hours of listening to music, the earpads are comfortable and luxurious and provides clarity in sound even with deep bass music. The ATH-M50X gives you a balanced sound with superior quality and comfortable earpad that can rotate easily and is very flexible when worn. The V-Moda Crossfade LP isolates ear noise and provides a rich and deep bass with top clarity and volume that comes along with a hard outer cover. The Beats Pro maintains accurate sound even at high volume and is well balanced. It facilitates one-ear wearing and comes along with a hard protective steel frame.

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