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There’s an obvious reason why people still enjoy playing Minecraft up to this days, it’s just that entertaining! In case you need a bit more introduction to Minecraft, it’s a three-dimensional sandbox game, unlike all other games out there Minecraft doesn’t have a specific set of goals that you need to achieve. They basically give you the creative freedom to choose how you want to play the entire game; but it still has a default system. For that reason, players go looking for Minecraft servers; from personal experience it’s a lot more fun to play a game developed by other creative players or organizations out there.

Now there are tons of websites all dedicated to hosting various Minecraft Servers, one of which is They have hundreds of servers that you can choose from, each with their own unique features, maps and goals. But we’re not going to waste our time discussing all the servers they have, we’re here to talk about the Minecraft Servers found at the top of the list. You can give them a try, we’re sure that you’ll see something you love.


Top Minecraft Servers in Mine Craft PE Servers

Here are some of the top Minecraft Servers that you should definitely give a go:

  • Factions Unlimited – one of the top Minecraft Servers offered by their website, it has an uptime of 97.8%. They are essentially a Factions or Player vs Player server where players can raid other and even fight to their very deaths. When it comes to supplies, you can get some at the shop or at the mines. Players can even donate and vote for various ranks and rewards. Some of the modes that they have are PvP, Survival, Dropper, Plots, PvPMine and Plots.


  • MC Vika –voted by numerous players, it has come high in the ranking alongside its 98% uptime. Some of its tags include Mini Games, PvP, Skywars and Economy. MC Vika features Spleef, classic Duels, MineSweeper, TBTRun and their new HotBlocks game.
  • High School Role Play – with an uptime of 92.2%, it has been deemed as the one of the best Minecraft Servers. Adventure, Economy, Roleplay, Creative and Mini Games are just some of their tags. High School Role Play is essentially a big city pawn, you’re sure to be provided with tons of mini games, mines, free ranks and jobs. Not only that, but you can also vote in order to obtain ranks.

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