Ultimate Guide To Buy A Right Mechanical Keyboard For Your Pc!

If you are a PC game lover; you will know the significance of having an effective mechanical keyboard for an enjoyable gaming experience.Spending in for a good graphical card or faster CPU can go waste in absence of the right keyboard.Hence,in order to have the most pleasurable gaming experience,always go for the right features before you decide to buy a keyboard from the market.

Knowing the Basics!

Have you ever wondered that how is a mechanical keyboard different from the conventional standard keyboard? Well,the difference lies in the fact that a mechanical keyboard comes in with programmable keys that are either back lit or contain multiple switches.


Switches and their types

Going in for the right switch is the key to all your problems. Now days,there are wide variety of switches available in the market.Many mechanical keyboard use the key switch mechanism that were initially manufactured by a German brand called the Cherry Industrial.

Cherry Mx has been ruling the market in terms of providing the Pc keyboard switches with the most popular ones being the following

  • Cherry MX Black
  • Cherry MX Red
  • Cherry MX Blue

In addition to these Cherry switches,Keyboards with blue keys are also considered suitable for office typing work.They come with a “chick” sound every time you press a key. On the other hand the red key keyboards are considered ideal for game lovers due to their fast triggered response and minimal resistance.

Keycap Selection


After you are done deciding the switch for your keyboard, the next factor is to choose the ideal keycap.ABS keycaps are most common due to their low cost and ease of use.In case you are ready to spend more, PBT keycap can be considered as they provide higher resistance and have a chalky feel associated to them.

Finding the coolest and best mechanical keyboard is not that difficult provided that you are aware of your needs and requirements.Before you go to the market,look for their reviews online as well in order to know about actual custom feed backs.Whatever is your choice,it will stay with you for years to come and be selective and choose the one that give you the right features and comes within your budget as well. Have a good experience, All the best!

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