Ways To Get Free Basic Vin Check

Vehicle identification number is a unique serial number that is given to vehicle to identify its type and other specifications. This VIN also helps authorities, organizations or individuals to keep a track of vehicle and also its past records. Below, we have brought forth ways which can help you do VIN check and get relevant details relating to your vehicle.

Check specifications of your vehicle, fuel economy

Use pen and paper to note down VIN you wish to check. You can even use your smart phone to take picture of VIN and use it later on. Open browser and check official website i.e. VINChecker.net. Now enter the VIN number, and Check your VIN button. Wait for some time, vehicle specifications shall appear on your screen containing details of fuel, efficiency, crash testing etc. Make a note that these check services are not offered for free by the companies, and services are provided against a fee.


VIN Check for theft and fraud records

With VIN, approach NICB website. It offers free VIN Check services to the users, which contains details of cars that have current records of theft. If in case, you are looking forward to have complete details of vehicle history and how many owners did this vehicle had then it would be difficult to obtain such information. Along with it, information on lien also is not available on the site, so be sure to check with DMV to get information about the vehicle. Keep following steps mentioned below for VIN Check;

  • Put the VIN number. If in case vehicle has been purchased after 1981 and has less or more than 17 numbers then it is the right sign to identify that VIN has been faked. Hence stay away from purchasing the vehicle.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and the put verification code which is also known as human detection service. This code is case sensitive.
  • If in case any details have been submitted against VIN, relevant details of the vehicle shall get displayed on your screen

VIN Check on potentially recalled vehicle


For VIN Check one can even approach NHTSA website and click on vehicles tab. Following steps can be followed;

  • Select the model, year, make from the drop menu available on website
  • Check for any recalls on the recall tab available on site
  • You can even subscribe for recalls on the site if required

Considering the facts mentioned above, conducting VIN check is not at all a difficult task to do. Check the official online portal and gain important information related to your vin history.

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