Website Design

There are important skills and elements of website design which are important to consider when you are thinking of becoming a website designer. As an end user, it’s also important to know what website design is about to be able to identify these features in websites you interact with on a day to day design

What does Website Design involve?

  • Website design involves gathering and collecting information, using this information and being able to implement these ideas, using website design tools to come up with a website.
  • When it comes to web design, some design elements come to play;
    • The layout – This refers to the way all the elements, graphics, text, links are aligned. There needs to be a semblance of symmetry and order when one lays their eyes on the website. Consistency and balance are some of the key qualities to a good layout.
    • Graphics – Graphics are the images on the website such as photos and logos which enhance the look of the website. A few good quality photos add to the website. Too many photos will make a website crowded and clustered.
    • Colour – Colour sometimes is dependent on the company’s corporate colours and what purpose the site serves. However, a website designer needs to know how to use colours to make it easy and user friendly.
    • Font – The type of font one uses can greatly enhance a website. Some web browsers are selective when choosing fonts so it is important a designer knows these fonts and uses them in designing a website.
    • Content – Most clients will share the content for the website. The website designer can however advice on length, use of key words and optimize certain words for search engines to pick up on.

website designFeatures of a user friendly website

  • Easy navigation – A user friendly site is easy to navigate. This means that menus are clearly visible and a user can easily find any information they are looking for.
  • Compatibility – Webpages these days are not only viewed on computers and laptops but on hand held devices too. They should be available on different platforms.
  • Interactivity – A good website allows the users to participate when they log into the site, whether it’s sharing feedback or taking part in a fun, easy game, or activity, interactivity makes the website memorable.


These website design tips are a good guide to the dynamic world of what designers keep in mind as they develop and design websites.

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