What To Look Out When Buying Fountain Pens And Pen Refill

When you visit pen shop, you will be able to get advice on how to go about buying the best fountain pens and other pen refills.  Since their inception in 1884, fountain pens have continued to command the market of pens and can be found being used everywhere. They are competing when with word processors, ballpoints, and everyone seems to like them. Check out what to consider before deciding on which fountain pen to buy.pen shopHere are some of the tips from pen shop for buying the best fountain pen

Check out the Nib and Tip Size

The size of the nib determines the width of the line you will make. There are different sizes of nibs ranging from the narrowest to the widest and they are classified as broad, medium, fine, and extra fine. If you belong to the class of people who have smaller handwriting, then you have to choose an extra fine or fine nib, but if you have a wide handwriting, broad or medium nib will be the best.

The Shape of the Tip

Fountain pens come in different tip shapes with most of them coming in round shape. What this mean is, they will always draw the same line width no matter the direction you draw just the way a normal pen will draw. If you are a newcomer to fountain pens, then pick the nib with a round tip.pen shop

Refilling Fountain Pens

All fountain pens require refilling and it is important that you get the best refill so that your pen doesn’t get spoilt and it will give you value for money. The choice of ink color, capacity, convenience, or all the three, will determine how well the pen will serve you.

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