What You Should And Shouldn’t Do With LED Shoes

LED shoes are here to stay and the trend isn’t running out of fame so soon. While the popularity is always on the higher ends, the owners should know how to care for their favorite foot wears. Since the LED shoes are equipped with some sort of lighting mechanisms, their caring method would also be slightly different. Few dos and don’ts should be remembered by every LED shoe owner to ensure the best quality and fit for a long time. Tenis LED Mexico owners can avail brilliant discounts across different online platforms.tenis LED

LED Shoes Dos

You should do these if you own an LED shoe –

  • Recharge the battery – What good are a pair of LED shoes if the battery isn’t powered up? No good at all! As there’s no battery level indicator in the light-up shoes, you need to remember the time of last charging of your shoe and also their active battery life so that you can put them on charge again on time.
  • Appropriate place – Don’t just wear your LED shoes and walk into a job interview unless it’s an interview for LED shoe showcase manager. Also, never wear an LED shoe to funerals. Brush up some common sense.
  • Update style: LED shoe styles are constantly changing. Keep yourself synced with current fashion.tenis LED


  • Water exposure: Keep your LED shoes away from water. Occasional exposure to water might be fine but if water gets to touch your shoe on a regular basis then the spill would kill the electrical part.
  • Keep away from heat: Overheated cars, a room with temperature higher than average etc. can reduce the battery life on your light up shoes to a greater extent. Try not to expose your shoes to excessive heat.
  • No machine wash: Wash an LED shoes’ exterior only, that too with a soft wet cloth. Never put these shoes in a washing machine!


These simple dos and don’ts will add additional life spans to your LED shoes.

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