Where To Go For Dallas Health Care Defense

In the first place, why would you need Dallas health care defense or any kind of defence related to health care for that matter? You may not know it, but all of us are prone to experience some kind of health care fraud; of course it will depend on the circumstances from one person to the next. Whether you go out and find an attorney to come to your aid or just opt for a settlement will ultimately be your decision.

A lot of the people who experienced health care fraud seek the best kind of lawyers or law groups out there in order to avoid any and all kinds of criminal charges. A knowing lawyer would also do everything in their power to shield the client from any form of intrusion from the government. We highly recommend that you look for an experienced and famous law group.

Oberheiden Law Group PLLC


Out of all the law groups in Dallas, one of the best is the Oberheiden Law Group. They are a famous healthcare law defense firm; they not only have considerable experience with regards to health care but also with litigation, regulatory compliance, criminal defense, corporate structuring and more.  Oberheiden Law Group is made up of experienced doctors and lawyers who came from big schools and have dedicated their lives to winning cases and improving their experience.

Dallas Health Care Fraud

In the United States, there are about nine places where the federal government implemented expert task forces to investigate, surveil and prosecute any and all Medicare fraud. Indeed, Dallas is counted as one of the nine places. Every Healthcare practitioner and those in the same field of business should already know that the mentioned government prosecution has become more and more aggressive when compared to other places.


Some Recent Case Outcomes of Oberheiden Law Group PLLC

  • Defense of a certain marketing group which underwent heavy investigation by the Department of Defense as well as the Office of Inspector General for alleged Tricare fraud. Outcome: no civil or criminal liability.
  • Defense of a healthcare services company against unjust investigation headed by the Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice for multiple supposed False Claims Acts and even violations against Stark Law. Outcome: no civil or criminal liability.
  • Defense of a certain Physician Group which was thoroughly investigated by the Office of Inspector General and the Department of Health and Human Services against a handful of violations against the False Claims Acts.


Names from the Law Group

  • Nick Oberheiden – the founder of Oberheiden Law Group, he is also extensively trained in negotiations by Harvard Law School.
  • Mike Elliott – a former federal prosecutor that immensely practices healthcare fraud and also white-collar defense.
  • Lynette S. Byrd – a former federal prosecutor for varying healthcare matter, she has also worked for the US Attorney’s Office.
  • Mindy M. Sauter – also, a former state and federal prosecutor with 200 trials under her belt.

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